Matthew Tarka
Est. 1996
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Matthew Tarka has many skills that can make him an asset to a firm.

Other Skills

  • Finance - I have a basic understanding of world markets, stocks, commodities, options, and bonds. I have an understanding of the processes involved in accounting, specifically balance sheets and income statements. I understand how to use financial ratios in an organization to determine trends in short-term liquidity and long-term leverage, as well as how to determine if a company is effectively using assets. I understand various investment vehicles and the risks associate with them. I have an understanding of the common corporate valuation techniques deployed in practice. I also understand portfolio management as a whole and various techniques that can be deployed to bring portfolios within the risk tolerances. I am comfortable with a variety of derivative valuation techniques as well.

  • Leadership - I am a natural born leader with a strong talent with properly guiding teams. My theory on leadership is that a leader can only be as good as their team, so whenever I lead teams of people I ensure that everyone is actually contributing to the team and they feel comfortable sharing ideas that can benefit the team.

  • Business Development - As an long-time, serial entrepreneur, business development has grown to become one of my strengths. My history of businesses in a wide range of industries gives me a stable base to help me sit down with clients and discuss what their wants, needs, and desires are in their business. Once I can help business owners establish what they want, need, and desire from their business, we can begin to create a course of action in order for them to achieve those goals. Whether it is a monetary goal (such as increasing sales through better lead generating campaigns) or a non-monetary goal (such as streamlining processes to reduce downtime and increase communication among employees, managers, and owners), I can assist business owners. I understand the dynamics of raising money for companies and various corporate structures through my own experience with businesses and restructuring plans.

  • Marketing - My primary marketing focus is on how to connect business with audiences, primarily millennials, through digital media but I work with businesses to develop holistic marketing plans encompassing all forms of media and organic/inorganic marketing techniques while still keeping in mind their brand image. I also work with companies to better emulate brand through helping them understand their brand better through the development and implementation of their mission statement on a daily basis in the work environment and outside of the work environment. Brand consistency is an important aspect of marketing, especially in an increasingly competitive business playing field. My knowledge of optimizing a post through the use of relevant hashtags has helped many businesses, including my own, grow and acquire more customers that hear about them through social media portals. Being a millennial, I understand that my generation is increasingly hard to market to and I work with companies to help them understand the changing from traditional marketing to new, alternative marketing materials that my generation will respond to.

  • Operations - I am able to spend time in an organization and work through issues they may have with supply chain management, process time, throughput time, or general operational issues. I can work with teams to streamline processes in office and workshop environments to make work as efficient as possible using existing and cutting-edge business techniques.

  • Teamwork - I have the ability to not only lead teams, but also work with and on teams to utilize everyone's strengths to increase productivity.

  • Communication - I am not only a strong communicator, but I am also a great listener.

  • Problem Solving - I love taking complex issues and looking at them from many different angles to find the best and most cost effective solution.

  • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Master Certification - I hold MOS Master Certification in MS Word and Excel, as well as certifications in PowerPoint and Access.