Matthew Tarka
Est. 1996

Luxury Car Detailing

Matthew Tarka's longest running business is his luxury car detailing firm.


May 2009 - May 2017

Looking for a way to make money during my summers, I started my own car detailing business that quickly grew and attracted very high end clients around the Cincinnati area. I researched different techniques and have grown my knowledge of car detailing over the years from basic washes and waxes to restorative details. I approach each project differently as the paint on each vehicle can differ from the next. I enjoy providing the highest level of customer service to my clients at the best price possible all while being highly profitable. I utilized a word of mouth and a social media marketing strategy that helped spread the brand awareness organically and has helped me gain the customers that I have. Through this, I learned how to also manage my time and resources as efficiently as possible to be a top performer in a competitive, service based industry.