Matthew Tarka
Est. 1996

Small Business Consulting

Matthew Tarka enjoys solving complex problems in business - He's applied this through independent small business consulting.

Independent Small Business Consultant

Feb. 2015 - Present

I started doing Small Business Consulting as I find great satisfaction in problem solving. I primarily do technology consulting for companies, but I have also done strategy, management, marketing, and accounting/finance consulting. I have helped business owners understand where they stand in their current business for the field I am consulting for, assist them in determining their end goal, and then I work to create solutions to present to the business owner. After they decide on what course of action they want to take, I work to implement the strategy and compare before and after results to determine if there was a change. If there was a change, I help the business owner understand the change and go forward. If it is not successful, I begin to look at a different angle of the issue and work through a different solution. Some companies I have consulted with an done some form of work for include the companies listed below: